About the Project

The Climate Cookbook Erasmus + project will research the level of knowledge in the gastronomy sector in Croatia and Slovenia related to the impact of the sector’s operations on climate change. On the basis of the collected research results, an educational programme on climate change will be created following the activities in the gastro sector to reduce CO2 emissions. Also, a methodology will be developed and CO2 emissions calculated for about twenty traditional dishes in Croatia and Slovenia, and recipes with significant CO2 emissions during their production will be combined into a Climate Cookbook. Information about climate change through the activities of the gastro sector as well as the Climate Cookbook will be presented to the general public, thus ensuring the popularization of scientific research at IRMO.

Erasmus + project for support of VET in gastronomic sector towards CO2 neutral kitchen.

Support of VET in gastronomic sector towards CO2 neutral kitchen – Climate Cookbook

Program: Erasmus+ 2022-2-HR01-KA210-VET-000094467

Project duration:  1.01.2023 – 1.01.2025

Funding: Erasmus+ (KA210-VET) Small-Scale Partnership in Vocational Education and Training

Project partners:

Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Croatia – Project coordinator

Rogaška Slatina People’s University (LURS), Slovenia – Project partner

Project Leader: Sanja Tišma, PhD