IRMO’s main field of activity is scientific research and expert analyses in the preparation and implementation of public policies. IRMO deals with interdisciplinary research that contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
The key policies that IRMO is researching are related to environmental conservation and climate change and the strengthening of vocational education over the past few years. IRMO conducts part of its applied research for the needs of public administration, state administration bodies, agencies and local and regional self-government units and entrepreneurs, as well as for the general public. IRMO participates in scientific research, preparation of professional studies and provision of expertise within international programs, projects. IRMO’s partnerships are important in the preparation and implementation of EU-funded projects such as INTERREG, HORIZON, ERASMUS+ as well as in bilateral cooperation programmes and international organisations.

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The Rogaška Slatina People’s University (LURS) is a non-profit adult education and training provider for the community in the local region and wider with a strong tradition. It was established in 1959 with the aim of providing a comprehensive and quality offer in the field of advice, information, formal and non-formal education and organized self-study. LURS offers its learners 10 formal education programs that include both secondary schools and vocational training programs in the field of
catering, gastronomy, cookery, sales, economy, childcare or tourism. LURS offers numerous educational programmes in the field of VET in accordance with the needs and desires of the adult
population for further training and education. The field of informal education is covered by providing various seminars, courses, lectures, literary evenings and many more.

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